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Optimize your MacBook's performance with the right processor!

The processor is the heart of your MacBook, managing all tasks performed by hardware and software components. The more powerful the processor, the faster and more efficiently your MacBook handles even the most complex tasks.

Don't miss the chance to create the perfect MacBook that fully meets your needs! Choose a powerful processor and enjoy uncompromising performance.

When choosing a processor, consider several key factors:

Newer generations offer increased performance and energy efficiency, ensuring smooth and fast operation.

Processor generation:

More cores allow your MacBook to handle parallel tasks efficiently, enhancing multitasking and productivity.

Number of cores:


Optimize your MacBook’s performance with sufficient unified memory!

Choosing the right amount of unified memory (RAM) ensures that your MacBook can handle multitasking and resource-intensive applications effectively.

Maximize your MacBook’s potential with optimal memory configuration!

What to consider when choosing RAM:

Suitable for everyday tasks like email, word processing, and web browsing. This amount of memory ensures smooth performance for daily use.

Basic configuration:

Recommended for more complex tasks such as photo editing, creating illustrations, and presentations. Additional memory allows running multiple applications simultaneously without performance drops.

Increased memory:

If you work on large projects and professional applications (video/audio editing, 3D modeling, etc.), increased memory significantly improves your efficiency and speed. Professional tasks require more memory for fast operation and system stability.

Remember, memory in a MacBook is not user-upgradable, so if you foresee needing more memory in the future, it's best to consider this when ordering.

Professional use:

Unified memory

Choose the ideal storage size for your MacBook!

Storage size is a key aspect that affects your data storage capabilities and overall MacBook performance.

What to consider when choosing storage size:

Even with available space, the amount of data you can store may be limited over time. Therefore, it's important to choose storage that meets your needs.

Storage volume:

Storage type: you have several options:

Solid State Drive (SSD): Exceptionally fast and silent, SSDs have no moving parts, making them more reliable and durable. By choosing SSD, you ensure your MacBook has high-speed performance and lightning-fast data access.

Fusion Drive: This option combines the benefits of SSD and traditional hard drives. Fusion Drive offers a balance between speed and volume, providing significant storage space at a reasonable price.

Storage size

Configure your MacBook by selecting the optimal storage size and enjoy superior performance and capacity.

Choose the perfect keyboard layout and charging block power for your MacBook!

Keyboard and charging block

Choose a convenient key layout and configure keyboard localization according to your language and regional preferences. This ensures comfortable use of your MacBook and matches your preferences.

Keyboard layout:

Charging block power:

The charging block is a key component for keeping your MacBook running all day. Choose the appropriate power for your charging block and never worry about your MacBook running out of battery at the most inconvenient time!

Standard charging block: Reliable and compact for everyday use.

We offer several options to meet your needs:

Fast charging: Ideal for those who value time and want to quickly charge their MacBook anytime.