Complete sets of Logitech meeting room solutions

Unique technology in Logitech solutions


Automatic camera control puts everyone in the picture


Optimizes light and color so the camera gets the best possible picture of the participants


Improves sound quality and suppresses unwanted noise

Complete sets of Logitech meeting room solutions

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Rally Bar Mini Set

Universal elite-class video panel for small rooms

Rally Bar Set

Universal video panel for medium size spaces

Rally Plus Set

Modular room video conferencing solution for larger spaces

Room solution
2-6 people

6-10 people

Up to 40 people

The camera
4x digital zoom in HD
15x magnification in HD
Total maximum magnification of 15x (5x optical and 3x digital)
Smart viewfinder
Pan and zoom with motor-driven adjustment of angle
Pan: Drive-assisted, ±25°, tilt: Drive-assisted, ±15°
Pan: Drive-assisted, ±25°, tilt: Drive-assisted, ±15°
Pan: 180° (±90°), Tilt: 140° (+50° / -90°)
Viewing Angle
View angle diagonally: 120°, horizontal view angle: 113°, vertical view angle: 80.7°, total room coverage (view angle + pan and tilt): 163° horizontal and 110° vertical
View angle diagonally: 90°, horizontal view angle: 82,1°, vertical view angle: 52,2°, total room coverage (view angle + pan and tilt): 132,1° horizontal and 82,2° vertical
View angle diagonally: 90°, horizontal view angle: 82°, vertical view angle: 52°, total room coverage (view angle + pan and tilt): 262° horizontal and 192° vertical
Integrated components
6 directional microphones, PTZ camera, 3 speakers, intelligent viewfinder
6 directional microphones, PTZ camera, 2 speakers, intelligent viewfinder
Auto RightSight cropping
Enhanced RightSound sound quality
Remote microphones
Up to 2 modular Rally microphones
Up to 3 modular Rally microphones
Up to 7 modular Rally microphones
USB mode
  • Rally Bar Mini with built-in mini-PC
  • Logitech Tap controller
  • Power supply
  • AC power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Remote control
  • Main Lens Protective Cover and Smart Viewfinder
  • TV Mount for Video Bars
  • User documentation
  • Rally Bar with built-in mini-PC
  • Logitech Tap controller
  • Power adapter
  • AC power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Remote control
  • Lens protection cover for main camera and smart viewfinder
  • TV Mount for Video Bars
  • User documentation

  • Logitech Tap touch controller
  • Rally Display Hub
  • Rally desktop hub2 Rally speakers
  • 2 колонки Rally
  • 2 Rally microphone modules
  • Remote control
  • USB Type-C cable connected to USB Type-C connector
  • USB Type-A cable, connectable to USB Type-B connector
  • Ethernet CAT6A cable
  • 2 HDMI Type-A cables
  • 2 cables to connect to AC power supply
  • 2 power supplies
  • Intel® NUC Mini PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • TV Mount for Video Bars
  • Documentation
The device features a 10.1-inch high-definition touch-screen. It connects to your computer via USB, allowing you to integrate calendars and share data instantly.

Logitech Tap Controller

Free testing

Our qualified specialist will help you to connect, set up and use the equipment correctly.
Before you buy any hardware, you can borrow a Logitech demo kit absolutely free of charge. This will help you better understand your needs and dispel any doubts you may have about your purchase.
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Logitech Ecosystem

We also want to offer you a way to close the needs of your teams for personal collaboration,

because Logitech offers a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions.

Solutions for meeting rooms of all types and sizes

Stationary and mobile personal solutions: cameras and headsets

Accessories: mice and keyboards

Device adapters: Logitech Swytch

Special niche devices for education Logitech Scribe

Interaction with popular video communication services: Zoom, Google meet, Teams

What problems can we help solve?

Users can't use the solution, it's too complicated
Scheduling conferences is done in a familiar way from Outlook, and starting a conference is a touch of a button on the touchpad.
The solution doesn't fit my meeting room
We have solutions for various sizes of meeting rooms. In the case of a completely non-standard room configuration or specific requirements, our specialists will develop a custom solution for you.
I'm not satisfied with the quality of video, sound, etc.
Logitech is the technological leader in the market for such solutions. Its technology provides optimal framing for all participants, optimizes light balance and color, improves voice clarity by suppressing background noise and echoes, automatically equalizing voice range and focusing on the active speaker so everyone can be heard.
Implementing the solution will take too long
All the equipment is already in stock in Moscow, and the entire process from the purchase of the solution will take no more than two weeks.


in the world on the market

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products delivered

each week


What is included in the solution?
The solution includes a set of equipment for the selected type of room, installation and setup of the equipment, training the customer's specialists in working with the equipment
Does the Microsoft Teams Rooms license come with the solution?
No, you need to buy the license separately
Can I change the solution and order additional components and accessories (microphones, whiteboard camera, mounts, etc.)?
Yes, but you will need to specify the delivery time for the custom solution
Can I test drive the solution before purchasing it?
Yes, leave your contacts in the "Submit a request" form and our manager will contact you to clarify a convenient time.
Can I use this solution for other video conferencing systems (Zoom, WebEx, etc.)?
Yes. You can easily switch a meeting room configured for MS Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms to the "brought laptop" use model via Swytch to the existing solution without damaging the infrastructure. You need to connect a computer with another software client.
How can I manage the equipment and monitor its status?
Using the free Logitech Sync app
Is there a hardware warranty?
Yes, the hardware comes with a 2-year limited hardware warranty

We value your time and take a professional approach in our work.

A specialist fully certified in all products of the company will help you to choose
the right equipment, as well as quickly install and run it.

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